Warranty and Replacement

We provide warranty for all products we sell. With the terms and conditions apply.

General Warranty Terms

  1. All products we sell have warranty for three (3) days, starting from the product received at destination address.
  2. Product replacement can only be done one (1) time for each transaction.
  3. Damage / defect of the product within three (3) days after purchase, can not be claimed.
  4. Refund must be with complete packaging and accessories. Without complete packaging and accessories, no exchange can be made.
  5. Bonus units or free items (if any) are not covered under warranty.

Warranty Limitations

  1. Warranty does not apply to products that are used up. Such as cleaning fluid, etc.
  2. The warranty does NOT apply to the following:
    • Damage errors or user negligence (crashed, torn nail, wrong cleaning, etc.).
    • Used with accessories that are not from Kontaklensa.com.
    • Package damaged due to messenger delivery error.
  3. The warranty ONLY applies if:
    • Product tear / defect caused by factory error.
    • The received product does not match the order.
    • feels sore or uncomfortable in the eyes since first use.
    • The product packaging is accepted without seal / seal already open.
    • Provide proof of product photos and send by email to [email protected].


  1. For warranty claim, you can contact us at [email protected]
  2. If the claimed warranty has been approved to be replaced by Kontaklensa.com, then we will contact you to provide information on how to return the product, with the following delivery system:
    • The shipping cost from the buyer to us is the expense incurred by the buyer.
    • while the cost of shipping to the buyer is the cost incurred by the Kontaklensa.com